La nueva horquilla de la marca EXT.

Disponible en 29″ con recorrido de 140 a 170 mm y offset de 44 mm

  • HS3, Hybrid coil and air spring: with 2 adjustable positive air chambers and high volume negative chamber
  • New Crown design: forged AL 7050 T6 to substantially increase stiffness
  • High volume Cartridge with Ø22 mm piston, engineered circuit to separate bump and rebound oil flow
  • HDRV unique compression valve system Ø24 mm piston
  • IFP reservoir Ø24 mm piston
  • 3 way adjustable, Low and High speed Bump and Rebound
  • Main strut low friction system: new DU bushing material from our WRC technology combined with dedicated EXT oil
  • Cartridge and Air spring low friction System: innovative floating shaft guide combined with the EXT proprietary coating and superfinish chrome shaft.

Weight: 2280 g (29” 170 mm with uncut steer tube, axle and lube)

Recorrido disponible
– 140 mm Axle to crown(mm) 552 +-5
– 150 mm Axle to crown(mm) 562 +-5
– 160 mm Axle to crown(mm) 572 +-5
– 170 mm Axle to crown(mm) 582 +-5

– 29 inch
– Offset: 44 mm


Maximo dimension cubierta 29” x 2,5”

Disco de freno min/Max 180mm/203mm